Profile: Leandro was educated in architecture at University of Santo Tomas mainly under Henry V. De Jesus (UCLA) and Jorge Yulo (Rensselaer). In 2002, he worked under the office of the National Artist for Architecture, Leandro V. Locsin. During his tenure, the vision of the firm was spearheaded by Andy Locsin (Harvard). In 2007, he was involved under the interdisciplinary studio of a prestigious awardee of The Outstanding Young Men for Architecture, Ed Calma (Pratt, Columbia NY). Leandro has an uncompromising passion in smart architecture, good perception, wise tectonics and pleasing pragmatism. In the course of his practice, he has established a strong reputation amongst colleagues as a forward-thinker that is able to provide essential critiques, sophisticated insight of spatial form and an ability to provide clever design solutions.

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