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A city symbol loved by residents.

A city must be attractive. A city’s attractiveness derives, for the most part, from the architecture that gives it character. In the past, the city’s political and financial buildings the palace, governmental buildings, shrines, temples, churches, plazas, and chamber of commerce took that role. Such architecture made its residents proud to live in that city. … Continue reading

A kind of Avant Garde

A CONCEPTUAL exercise: Do an intervention to a building with the presence of the designer himself, say, no other than Leandro Locsin. The two of you facing each other, his sharp eyes picking every move you do to his building.   The easiest and most convenient way: ESCAPE the situation, and assume ANOTHER conceptual situation … Continue reading

your aircon your future_concept_stephen

Functional Window Type AC

Home appliances easily gets outdated because of the fast updates made by manufacturers but if you have purchased a Functional Window Type AC, you definitely will not feel the rush of updating your appliances particularly your air conditioning unit too soon. It comes with a casing that you can also use as you sketch pad or … Continue reading

eco bin1_low

Eco Bin

  Despite our best efforts, sometimes we find ourselves with a few plastic grocery bags in hand. While some toss them carelessly out into the trash, the Eco-Bin gives you the option of reusing them as trash bags. Designed by Stephen Reon Francisco, this stackable bin is available in a variety of different colors, so you can pick … Continue reading


PLDT Bossing Awards

My apprenticeship work with the world reknowned furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue at Cebu, Philippines. This trophy was made for the MVP Bossing Awards held last 2011. It is designed to honour all businessmen and entrepreneurs who are deserving of this recognition. This trophy embodies how high they’ve gone to pursue their goals and reminds them … Continue reading


Cocoon Lamps

Cocoon Lamp is made from pulped and molded recycled paper, a tactile material that diffuses light to create a warm glow. ​The bulb, light-fixture, plug and cabling are all cleverly contained in compartments in the base. Pulp Lamp acts as a reminder of the paper and packaging we throw away every day; by suggesting new … Continue reading

champion bottle rendered

Champion Plastic Bottles

The Red and Blue color are the result of the analysis on my Rhino V4 software to show that it can open in a mold particularly “injection mold” …I love the software. The Champion Detergent bottles are shaped to give comfort on your hands, and easy to grip while using it. It comes in a  400 … Continue reading


Mobile Classroom

This Utility Vehicle has been transformed to a mobile classroom. When parked at a street or doing a workshop in a school or community event, it will surely be a catalyst for spreading education and giving knowledge to children that cannot afford to go to school. This mobile classroom will engage visitors by doing workshops … Continue reading



Spaces greatly influence human experience and behavior, for we inhabit the spaces of our built environment and not the solid walls, roofs, and columns that shape it. You don’t need Designers to design space for your trade-shows, now you can design your own display and exhibits in a limited space. Plan the best way and improve on … Continue reading

1_perspective views

Eco E-Trike

This Electric Trike  is a concept that provides sustainable technological solutions as well as beautiful aesthetic design that offers the desired response to the changing city mobility needs. The designer spent as much time as possible to shape the E-Trike that is powerful and dynamic. The end result shows the core standards of E-Trike: passion, dynamic … Continue reading

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